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April 21, 2006 by Pampas
Hi People.

I'm trying to use LogonStudio to advertise to the company Network users, a new Accounting system.

Basically, when a user logs on to XP, the logon screen says that the new Accounting system will soon be on their machine.


The problem is that most part of the users are on the Company Domain, and i cant make LogonStudio work properly, or even at all.

Anyone tried something like this and made it work?

Is there a Network LogonStudio feature?
January 18, 2006 by Pampas
Hi guys.

After having tried Object Desktop for some days (a craked version and a Trial one), I decided to spend some money, and reward Stardock for developing a hell of a excellent software package. Excellency should always be rewarded.

Unfortunatly, I follow all the steps, from Add to Cart, Checkout and finally User Information. All works without any problem. Then CC information. When I confirm the payment, I get an error saying:

Error Message: General Processing Error # 1000 - Pleas...